Support SF 2357 and HF 2542

Across Iowa, rural areas and medically underserved communities are facing a serious healthcare provider shortage. Highly educated and skilled PAs stand ready to answer the call but are restricted by unnecessary and outdated practice barriers. 

Last year, the legislature passed S.F. 2357, which made several positive changes to PA practice in our state and gave PAs greater flexibility to practice where they are needed most. 

However, there is still work to be done to ensure PAs are able to provide care to those who need it. 
Join the Iowa Physician Assistant Society in urging our state legislature to pass the PA Harmonization Bill!

This bill would not result in any changes to a PA’s scope of practice but would make critical updates to state laws and regulations where PAs are authorized to practice but are not consistently listed alongside other healthcare practitioners. Examples of changes to be made by the bill include: 

  • Authorizing PAs to be “attending physicians” for hospice patients and ensuring PAs can provide care in hospice settings;
  • Allowing PAs who meet certain requirements to provide specialized mental health services;
  • Authorizing PAs to perform routine examinations for certain certifications (e.g., school bus drivers, childcare providers); and
  • Ensuring PAs are represented on all panels and within programs created to improve public health in Iowa.
By adding PAs to areas of code that are consistent with PA education, training, and experience, we can help remove barriers to care for patients throughout the state – especially those in rural areas. 

45% of PAs in Iowa practice in rural settings – let’s pass the PA Harmonization Bill to expand access to the high-quality healthcare PAs provide. 

Go to the Iowa Legislature website to find your legislator and send an email of support today!

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We can decrease healthcare costs and eliminate barriers to care in Iowa by updating our state laws. Join me at! #SupportIowaPAs

It’s time that we modernize PA practice laws in Iowa and increase patient access to healthcare. Join me at! #SupportIowaPAs

Modernizing Iowa’s PA practice laws can improve healthcare access in rural and underserved communities. Join me at! #SupportIowaPAs