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NCAPA is working to ensure PA practice laws and regulations better match current practice environments.

NCAPA collaborated with lawmakers in both chambers to file companion bills, Senate Bill 47 and House Bill 75, which seek to enact Optimal Team Practice, or OTP for short, into law. NCAPA is committed to continuing to work with lawmakers throughout the 2023 legislative session to educate on the benefits of OTP for providers and patients alike.
HB 75 passed the House chamber unanimously in February 2023. HB 75/SB 47 now awaits a hearing in the Senate chamber.

The passage of OTP legislation will ensure that North Carolina remains the best place to practice as a PA. 

OTP keeps PAs accountable for the care they provide and will keep team-based collaborative care at the center of patient care and medical decision-making. OTP occurs when healthcare professionals work together to provide quality care without burdensome administrative constraints.

Major provisions of OTP include:

Establishing a supervised career entry interval of 4,000 clinical hours upon entry into PA practice, and a training interval of 1,000 hours if a PA changes specialty.

Defining team-based settings as physician-owned practices, medical practices, and licensed health facilities.


Eliminating the legal requirement for experienced PAs to have a specific relationship with a physician when working in a team-based setting.


Requiring PAs to collaborate appropriately based on patient need, PA education and experience level, and standard of care.


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Updating North Carolina’s PA practice laws can improve healthcare access in rural and underserved communities. Join me at #SupportNCPAs

It’s time that we update PA practice laws in North Carolina and increase patient access to healthcare. Join me at #SupportNCPAs

We can decrease healthcare costs and eliminate barriers to care in North Carolina by updating our state laws. Join me at #SupportNCPAs


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