Across South Dakota, rural areas and medically underserved communities are facing a serious healthcare provider shortage. Highly educated and skilled PAs stand ready to answer the call but are restricted by unnecessary and outdated practice barriers. It’s time that we modernize South Dakota’s PA practice laws and expand access to safe, high-quality healthcare teams.


Support legislation that modernizes PA practice laws in South Dakota!

Legislation to modernize PA practice laws in South Dakota will:

  • Place PAs on equal licensure and practice footing with nurse practitioners in the state, allowing PAs with more than 1,040 hours of experience to practice without a specific relationship with a physician;
  • Affirm that PAs – not physicians – are responsible for the care they provide to patients;
  • Add a permanent PA seat to the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners; and
  • Allow PAs to be directly paid by all public and private insurers.
This legislation is similar to a law enacted in North Dakota last year, which passed unanimously and was strongly supported by the North Dakota Academy of PAs and the North Dakota Board of Medicine. If passed, this legislation will make South Dakota one of the premier states for PA practice in the country.

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We can decrease healthcare costs and eliminate barriers to care in South Dakota by updating our state laws. Join me at! #SupportSDPAs

It’s time that we modernize PA practice laws in South Dakota and increase patient access to healthcare. Join me at! #SupportSDPAs

Modernizing PA practice laws can improve healthcare access in South Dakota’s rural and underserved communities. Join me at! #SupportSDPAs