Across Wisconsin, rural areas and medically underserved communities are facing a serious healthcare provider shortage. Highly educated and skilled PAs stand ready to answer the call but are restricted by unnecessary and outdated practice barriers. It’s time that we modernize Wisconsin’s PA practice laws and expand access to safe, high-quality healthcare teams.


Support LBR-0196: The Collaboration and Rural Expansion of Services (CARES) Act today!

The CARES Act will:

  • Update physician/PA relationship from “supervision” to “collaboration”
  • Eliminate language that implies physician liability for PA care
  • Scope of practice determined by PA’s individual education, training, and experience
  • Authorize PAs to participate in disaster/volunteer activities without specific physician collaboration but within a PA’s scope
  • Allow PAs to self-govern their profession
  • Allow PAs to be self-employed
  • Allow recognition of federal supremacy for PAs employed by the VA and uniformed services

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We can decrease healthcare costs and eliminate barriers to care in Wisconsin by updating our state laws. Join me at! #WisCARES

It’s time that we modernize PA practice laws in Wisconsin and increase patient access to healthcare. Join me at! #WisCARES

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With the CARES Act, we can improve healthcare access in rural and underserved communities. Join me at! #WisCARES